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Growing Up: - By a decision of Mr. / Professor Tijani Hassan, former secretary-Rector - by the end of 1992 - unit has been established at the University of university guards Jazeera in need in urgent to activate secure facilities at the university. This unit has already been made in providing facilities management services represented in the elements and sentries Mounted (Asherah) - Upon the initiative of Mr. / director of management services and based on the decision of the President of the Republic, former Jaafar Mohammed Nimeiri in the year 1973, the composition of university police (university guards) to act as insurance and save property for universities under the police officer Managing Director and the appointment of individual staff members of these units management. - The announcement of the job in March 1993 in the news media of audio-visual and print conditions information (in the introduction and appointment). * Stages - Launched a security unit since inception 15/03/1993 AD and began to grow the unit is on the rise by adding sentries and the appointment of new members in the workers' grades - and began to utilize military units (police) Causing individuals as well as offshore centers and colleges outside of civilians all in the framework of the extended and expanded the university was tasks any more in the form of a direct correlation to that has been converted to run stand-alone. - In the year 2016 was the establishment of a specialized department to secure the university internal Bozerh after photos ministerial decision after it was canceled university guards administration Sudanese universities to become a subsidiary insurance Peninsula University Bdas named for the university guards presidency.

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