Speech of manger

I am pleased and honored in my name and on behalf of my fellow employees of the Presidency of the insurance sub-Gezira University to welcome you at the site of the presidency of the university sub, pleading for God to succeed in providing an outstanding service to users of the network and reconcile sophistication to your expectations. He started restructuring the presidency to secure the university with the beginning of the year 2016 after it was university guards administration in the belief of officials in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Higher Education, the principle of work specialization has begun securing university management from the beginning to develop a strategy for the development of labor insurance fee objectives and identified and then follow-up. Since the base of information is the foundation of every successful business has begun presidency to work to provide the best police services, which is to extract passports and national figure in cooperation with the Civil Registry Department, as well as receive all kinds of communications. These services have been cut praise to Allah Almighty great strides in coordination with the competent authorities and began the actual work to provide an integrated service where the modern direct regulation of all classes at the university. As it will be activated and the application and follow-up issued by the Interior Ministry, which urges to maintain the security and safety of lives and government and private enterprises of the Ministry of Higher Education and security systems. In conclusion I would like to convey thanks all employees of the presidency to secure public university island and thanks to Mr. Rector and Deputy Director and its agent, the support and everyone who contributed to the support or propose to raise the sub-presidency of the service or the establishment of this website level and we are all in this sub welcome your comments and suggestions about each Maver achieve the public interest and which we hope will achieve the desired objectives.

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